Tuesday 10 December 2019

Welcome Newcomers!

Welcome to 'Start your own radio station'

It is now easy to start your own Radio
Times have changed; so has the technology. Radio has been on the decline for a number of years. However, online radio stations have been becoming more popular. With each passing day, more radio stations are popping up online.
This is indeed a revolution for radio fans. Twenty or so years ago people could only dream of being a radio show host; internet has given us all the power to not just become hosts on a radio show, rather establish our very own radios. This allows us to give the commentary we desire; play the music we love; discuss sports from our point of view; and now each one of us can share our political views to the public.
Whatever it is that you want others to hear - some essential are still required for it. You need to plan a few things. Make some important decisions: such as:

  • Which website/host should you purchase radio hosting service from?
  • Is there any free radio hosting sites?
  • Which website provides best features - such as uptime, apps for your very own radio etc?
  • How many hours are you planning on delivering fresh content? And how many to repeat?
  • How do you plan on promoting your Radio station?
Radio still plays an integral role in our society 
These are only some of the questions. If you are researching, my blog will help you in finding all the answers in one place. I have gone through the same search as you, and I am hopeful I will save you some time in picking the best provider for your online radio station!

One other very major question is: genre for your radio. You need to know what theme your radio station should have. If you are someone who listens to every kind of music - starting a radio that plays every kind of music might not work. You will have to pick one genre and try to target a particular type of audience.
Similarly, if you are starting sports blog - you still have to decide your approach. We will look into details as we go along. 

So again, welcome to the blog - starting your online radio station, DIY!
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