Tuesday 10 December 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Starting Your Own Radio

Here I am sharing a list of questions I will be posting my answers to. Over the next few weeks, I will try to answer each question separately to make it convenient.
If you have any other question, that I have not mentioned in the list below, feel free to leave a comment! I will try including it as soon as possible!

How to start your own radio? What steps to take?

    Start your Online Radio Station - FAQ
    • How to start an online radio?
    • How to make your radio popular?
    • Do I need copyrights to play music on my radio? 
    • How to use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for radio station?
    • What are reliable and good providers to setup your online radio stations?
    • Do I need to obtain license for talk shows on radio?
    • How to use social media for your radio station?
    • How to use Twitter & Instagram for your radio?
    • What kind of competitions can you hold on your radio show?
    • Do online radio station  providers allow uploading of pre recorded shows?
    • How to decide on genre for your radio? (Pick what you like)
    • How many people in the world listen to online radios?
    • Can I play news on my radio station?
    • Can I play news from other news outlets or need permission?
    • How to improve your voice quality as a radio presenter/DJ?
    • Voice coaching lessons for Radio Presenters
    • What should I study in order to become a good radio host?
    • What questions should I ask to my guests on a radio programs? (Template)
    • How to engage audience on radio shows?
    • Cheapest online radio hosting services (comparison)
    • Radio hosting service with most uptime (comparison)
    • Can I make podcasts from radio shows?
    • How to add radio station to directories?
    • Can two people start a radio station? (A team would be better)
    So here is the list! Please share your questions (and answers if you like :)