Monday 16 November 2020

Turning My Radio Show into Podcast

Turning Radio Show into a Podcast

How can I turn my radio in to Podcast?

Chances are you have noticed that many radio shows these days have their own podcasts. The same program they air live, they upload it on for their podcast followers. Many of radio shows these days promote their own podcasts very regularly. And if you have reached here, you might be wondering how I can do this?


Episode Backup: There are many reasons you may want to switch from radio show to podcast. When I started my own podcast, I was already doing a live radio program. I was saving my recordings for my own record. For this purpose I had leased some cloud space (Google) and I was paying them to hold my radio programs. For me podcast provided a great benefit: I could simply let go of my cloud space and instead, upload my recordings to a podcast site. It served two benefits - first all my episodes became backed up, and secondly people could hear my show off-air as well. 

Off-air listenership: As I mentioned, now my show cannot only be heard live on the radio, but also at a time convenient to listeners.

World-wide audience: Interestingly, my own podcast has greater listenership from other countries than where my radio show is aired live. Hence, podcasts serve worldwide audience where radio is only targeting a smaller area.   

Detailed Statistics: Most radio stations do not provide how many people are listening to you. With podcasts you have a much better idea. You can see how many people have heard your program, how long they heard it (whole episode or few minutes), and where they came from. 


It comes at a cost. When I was paying Google cloud service, it was $27 per year. Whereas my podcast host charges me about $100 per year. So if you are looking for backup only, then its not worth it. But if you are interested in your episodes being heard off-air as well, this might be a good option. 

How to turn your Radio to Podcast?

Now this is quite easy. 

  1. You sign up with one of the popular Podcasting sites (such as Podbean, Podomatic etc). 
  2. Ask your radio station to provide you with your recordings (they usually record everything for various purposes)
    • if they do not have it, you can ask them to record it for future programs (or you can set up your own recording as well)
  3. Simply upload your recording to the podcast hosting site.
  4. Some of the sites allow you to submit your podcast to big podcasting directories (Google, Apple Music (iTunes), Spotify, Deezer etc.).
That's it. Your radio show can now be heard off-air as well. There are some other smaller steps along the way. If you think you are stuck at some place. Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you. 


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