Saturday 4 February 2023

Using AI for Podcasts and Radio (Artificial Intelligence)

 Using Artificial Intelligence for Your Podcasts and Radio

How can AI Assist in Podcasts and Radio?

The future with AI

With all this talk of Artificial Intelligence, and popular sites like ChatGPT, everyone is curious how it can help them. There is no harm in utilizing the advantages of AI. Researchers around the globe are making grand predictions how AI is going to change landscape of workflow and life in general. 

Without a doubt it is going to affect podcasts and radio programs as well. Lucky for Radio industry, as long as people are commuting to workplaces, they will require something to listen to. Radios provide entertainment, news, educational materials (which can be turned into podcasts) and much more.

So naturally one wonders how can I use AI to benefit my podcasts or radio shows to improve the overall content quality.

This really depends on the niche of your radio station. But if you use AI creatively, you could use it to your advantage. Here are a few examples how AI can be used:

Using Artificial Intelligence or ChatGPT for your Podcasts

  • Finding suitable topics: For many people the hardest part of running a radio program is to find a suitable topic everyday. Hence, we are always looking for ideas. If we punch in the right keywords in AI websites out there, we can a get a list of ideas which can suffice us several days at a time. 
  • Using AI for scripts: One challenging aspect in every podcast or radio program is finding powerful opening or closing remarks; in this regard ChatGPT has proven excellent. If you write down your topic and ask for a welcome remark or closing remark on the subject, you would be astonished how a beautifully worded paragraph the machine will spew out. Though it would be best to modify the script to your taste, as their can be mistakes; and more importantly you don't want to be dishonest to your listeners by plagiarizing. 
  • Content research: we are accustomed to searching on google for our topics. We put in hundreds of queries when researching for our radio shows or podcasts. However, with AI much of this research can be done quicker. I don't say that one search will bring about everything you need (and that should not be our aim either, as that takes away all human creativity) but fewer searches via smarter AI engines will be required.
  • Podcasts with AI
    Questions for Podcast guests: when we invite to guests to our radio shows, it often requires a lot of planning as to what questions we will ask. I attempted with AI to see how good of questions it can give. I was astonished how great the questions were. An example of such a query in ChatGPT may look like: "5 questions for my podcast on how..."

I am finding AI extremely beneficial in various ways. I hope for your radio or podcast, it will be equally or more beneficial. You can also share your tips and tricks in the comments, so others can benefit.

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