Monday 8 January 2024

Why do we need a radio in 2024?

 Is Radio still relevant?

Do we need to a radio station in 2024?

There is no denying the technology has advanced beyond our imaginations in last few decades. Modes of communication which were considered significant milestones in early 2000s, are nothing compared to what we have today. 

Radio in some decades ago played such a pivotal part in communicating that one could not see our lives without it - similar to how we imagine the internet today.

News from around the world could be shared in an instant. You could reach countries far and wide if you had the right equipment. 

However, it would be wrong to think radios have become obsolete. Many people during their commute prefer radio over Spotify or Podcasts. Spontaneity of what radio airs is still far more enjoyable (and less stressful) than selecting something to play in the vehicles. 

Many of the stores across the globe, play radios in their background. Radios stations have certain standards in their programs which you do not expect from podcasters or even music. Hence playing music or other programs can be risky when playing at a store - however, radios stations ensure "clean" touch to everything, which makes it a safe option for businesses.

Is this the only two places where radios are useful?

Certainly not! Radio technology is much simpler when compared to internet or other modern modes of communication. In case of a global catastrophe, where communication between countries maybe severed, radio would be instrumental at that time. If anyone has seen I, Robot - you can understand. I obviously don't mean to say there would be zombies running around. However, in case of wars, storms and other disasters, which may break modern modes of communication, Radio would still be useful.

This is my take on future of radio. It is crucial and it will remain crucial. As paper and pencil will always remain with us in the future, so will humble technology of radio.

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